The effect of heat treatment on the optical properties of organic semiconductor (NiPc/C60) thin films

  • Atheer M. Mkhaiber
Keywords: Organic semiconductors, NiPc: C60, optical properties and heat treatment.


Thin films of the blended solution of (NiPc/C60) on glass substrates were prepared by spin-coated method for three different ratios (100/1, 100/10 and 100/100). The effects of annealing temperature and C60 concentration on the optical properties of the samples were studied using the UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy and FTIR spectra. The optical absorption spectrum consists of two main bands, Q and B band, with maxima at about (602-632) nm and (700-730) nm for Q1 and Q2 respectively, and (340-375) nm for B band. The optical energy gap were determined from optical absorption spectra, The variation of optical energy gap with annealing temperature was nonsystematic and this may be due to the improvement in crystal structure for thin films. While the energy gap decreased by increasing the concentration of C60 approaches from the energy gap of this compound.