N3, N749 dyes effect on the TiO2 for optoelectronic applications

  • Marwa R. Fraih
Keywords: Dye sensitized solar cell, TiO2, ruthenium complex.


The present work aimed to study effect of (N749 & N3) dyes on TiO2 optical and electrical properties for optoelectronic application. The TiO2 paste prepared by using a doctor blade method. The samples were UV-VIS specterophometricall analyzes of TiO2 before and after immersed in dyes (N749 & N3). The results showed absorption spectra shift toward the visible region due to the adsorption of dye molecules on the surface of oxide nanoparticles. It is seen that the Eg determined to give a value of 3.3eV for TiO2 before immersing in dyes, and immersing in dyes (N749 & N3) are (1.4 &1.6 eV) respectively. The structural properties (XRD), (FTIR) and (SEM) for the sample prepared were investigated and (J-V) characteristics was studied, it was seen efficiency 3.8 % and 2.09 % for TiO2/N749, TiO2/N3, respectively.