Estimation the annual dose for residents in the area around the berms of Al-Tuwaitha nuclear site using RESRAD software

  • Hussein Jabbar Mugar
Keywords: Annual dose, RESRAD, Al-Tuwaitha nuclear site.


RESRAD is a computer model designed to estimate risks and radiation doses from residual radioactive materials in soil. Thirty seven soil samples were collected from the area around the berms of Al-Tuwaitha site and two samples as background taken from an area about 3 km north of the site. The samples were measured by gamma-ray spectrometry system using high purity germanium (HPGe) detector. The results of samples measurements showed that three contaminated area with 238U and 235U found in the study area. Two scenarios were applied for each contaminated area to estimate the dose using RESRAD (onsite) version 7.0 code. The total dose of resident farmer scenario for area A, B and C are 0.854, 0.033 and 2.15×10-3 mSv.yr-1, respectively. While suburban resident scenario for area A, B and C are 0.807, 0.031 and 2.04×10-3 mSv.yr-1, respectively.