Studying the Correlation Between Supermassive Black Holes and Star Formation Rate for Samples of Seyfert Galaxies (Type 1 and 2)

  • Salwa H. Kareem
  • Yasir Ezzuldeen Rashed
Keywords: Galaxies – Techniques: spectroscopy, Active galaxies: Seyfert.


An optical spectroscopic study is reported in this article to study the correlation between the supermassive black hole (SMBH) and the star formation rate (SFR) for a sample of Seyfert galaxies type (I and II). The study focused on 45 galaxy of Seyfert 1, in addition to 45 galaxy of Seyfert 2, where these samples have been selected form different survey of Salon Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). The redshift (z) of these objects were between (0.02 – 0.26). The results of Seyfert 1 galaxies shows that there good correlation between the SMBH and the SFR depending on statistical analysis parameter named Spearman’s Rank Correlation in a factor of (ρ=0.609), as well as the Seyfert 2 galaxies results show a good correlation between the SMBH and the SFR in a factor of (ρ=0.551). Furthermore, different types of line-regressions were fitted between the data (e.g. linear, exponential, and power) to choose the more suitable line among the data and extract the mathematical formula that explain this behavior.