the Synthesis of Cinnamon Nanoparticles by Using Laser Ablation Technique

Influence of Different Number of Pulses

  • Awatif Saber Jasim
  • Saif Khalel Jasim
  • Ammar Ayesh Habeeb
Keywords: , Nanoparticles , Ethanol


    The natural  polyphenolic  compound that cinnamon contains is well known for its various biological activities, a broad variety of pharmacological and therapeutic properties.  Diversified biomedical and pharmacological applications benefit from organic nanoparticles with controlled properties. Bioactive and non-toxic, cinnamon nanoparticles (CNPs) can be effective antibacterial agents. Driven by this idea, we prepared spherical CNPs using liquid (PLAL) pulse laser ablation technique and defined those NPs. Using Q-switched Nd : YAG With a wavelength of 1064 nm  pulse laser of constant energy 500 mj , And different laser pulses ( 250 , 500 , 750 , 1000 ) pulse /sec a pure cinnamon target submerged in liquid ethanol (5 mL) was ablated. The results on the composition, morphology and optical properties of as-grown CNPs of differing laser fluence were determined. Samples were described through  Fe-SEM , UV-Vis , FTIR , The synergy between ethanol as liquid growth media and fundamental laser wavelength has been due to certain distinctive characteristics of CNPs. It has been developed that the spherical CNPs achieved in the suspension of ethanol could be beneficial for antioxidant purposes.

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