Wettability, Thermal Stability, and Antibacterial Properties of Polycaprolactone /ZnO Nanocomposites in Packaging

Wettability properties of polycaprolactone /ZnO Nanocomposites in packaging

  • Ali N. Obaid
  • Nadia Ali
Keywords: Polycaprolactone, ZnO ,wettability , thermal, contact angle, anti-bacterial properties .


Polycaprolactone is one of the natural biodegradable polymers mainly used in bioplastics production for packaging, usually composed of non-toxic compounds and biodegradable. The aim was to examine the role of zinc oxide (ZnO) nanopowder on the,wettability , thermal and anti-bacterial effect nanocomposites.  Pure PCL and PCL-based bio- nanocomposites doped with various ratios of ZnO nanoparticles from 0% to 5wt% were prepared through the arrangement of throwing procedure.  The results show that wettability properties in relation to ideal PCL and that they were increasingly hydrophobic from 57º.8 to 69º.53 because add ZnO  nanocomposites,the thermal stability between 300 and 400 ° C makes them perfect for the application of food packaging application. Also, anti-bacterial screening against Gram-positive and Gram-negative microorganisms, which was highly variable and evident in comrades, was compared with PCL.