Prospect of CW Raman Laser in Silicon- on- Insulator Nano-Waveguides

  • zainab salam khaleefia Altia
  • Sh. S. Mahdi
  • S. Kh. Yaseen


Numerical analysis predicts that continuous-wave (CW) Raman lasing is possible in Silicon-On-insulator (SOI) nano-waveguides, despite of presence of free carrier absorption. The scope of this paper lies on lasers for communication systems around 1550 nm wavelength. Two types of waveguide structures Strip and Rib waveguides have been incorporated. The waveguide structures have designed to be 220 nm in height. Three different widths of (350, 450, 1000) nm were studied. The dependence of lasing of the SOI Raman laser on effective carrier lifetime was discussed, produced by tow photon absorption. At telecommunication wavelength of 1550 nm, Raman lasing threshold was calculated to be 1.7 mW in Rib SOI waveguide with dimensions width (W= 450 nm) and Length (L= 25 mm). The obtained Raman lasing is the lowest reported value at relatively high reflectivities. Raman laser in SOI nano-waveguides presents the important step towards integrated on-chip optoelectronic devices.