Impact strength behaviour of PMMA denture base through addition of different nanoparticles after immersion in some nutrition liquids

  • Zaynab N. Rasheed
  • Samah M. Hussain
Keywords: PMMA, impact strength, Al2O3 nanoparticles reinforcement, peanuts peel nanoparticles reinforcement, immersion in nutrition liquids.


Poly methyl methacrylate PMMA polymer could be considered the main material that used mostly in the recent years in denture base fabrication. It commonly known by it is poor strength properties such as low impact strength. The aim of the present research was to enhance the performance of PMMA denture base through the addition of two kind of nanoparticles (nano particles that selected from artificial and natural sources). Nano -particles from both Al2O3 and crushed peanut Peel were used for comparing purposes.Various weight fraction used in this study for both kinds of the additive (1%, 2% and 3%). Moreover, in this work a study and evaluation in impact strength (I.S.) value were done before and after immersion. The new prepared nanocomposite in three different liquids (mineral water, natural lemon juice and Pepsi) immersed during three specific time (10, 20 and 30 min), all tests completed at room temperature. It was found that the impact strength value before immersion decreased gradually during reinforcement with both type of nanoparticles except when using 3% of Peanuts Peel nanoparticles. Also, it was found after immersion pure PMMA in the three different liquid that the value of I.S. decreased. When immersion the prepared sample inside mineral water, it was noted that using Al2O3 as reinforcement the determined value decrease with increasing the weight fraction different from the Peanuts Peel. The obtained results showed that immersion these samples in naturel lemon juice increased the value of impact strength gradually with the time. I.S. value decreased while immersion nanocomposite of Al2O3 with Pepsi, while an obvious increase was clear with nanocomposite of Peanuts Peel with the immersion time.