Effect of current intensity on structural properties of cupper iodine nanoparticles produced by exploding Cu wire

  • Sawsan H. Abdullah
Keywords: Exploding wire, copper iodide, SEM, TEM.


Exploding wire Technique is a way for production metal and its compound nanoparticle that is capable of production of bulk amount at low cost semiconductor. In this work a copper iodine nanoparticles were fabricate by exploding copper wires with different currents in iodine solution. The produced samples were examined by XRD, FTIR, SEM and TEM to characterize their properties. The XRD proved the Nano-size for producer. The crystalline size increases with increasing current. FTIR measurements show a peaks located at 638.92 for Cu-I stretch bond indicate on formation of copper iodide compound and the peaks intensities increase with increasing current. The SEM and TEM measurements show that the thin films have nanostructures.