Experimental study of nonlinear characterization of hybrid SWCNTs/Ag-NPs fluids, using nonlinear diffraction technique

  • Eman A A. Aboob
Keywords: Nonlinear characteristic, nano-fluids, diffraction patterns.


Based on nonlinear self- diffraction technique, the nonlinear optical properties of thin slice of matter can be obtained. Here, nonlinear characterization of nano-fluids consist of hybrid Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes and Silver Nanoparticles (SWCNTs/Ag-NPs) dispersed in acetone at volume fraction of 6x10-6, 9x10-6, 18x10-6 have been investigated experimentally. Therefore, CW DPSS laser at 473 nm focused into a quartz cuvette contains the previous nano-fluid was utilized. The number of diffraction ring patterns (N) has been counted using Charge - Coupled- Device (CCD) camera and Pc with a certain software, in order to find the maximum change of refractive index ( of fluids. Our result show that the fraction volume of 18x10-6 is more nonlinearity than others.