Study the effect of Iraqi weather parameter in FSO communication using different wavelength (650, 532) nm

  • Abdullah A. Abdullah
Keywords: Free space optics, laser communication, optical wireless, attenuation, weather attenuation.


Light has already becomes a popular means of communication, and the high-bandwidth data into free space without the use of wires. A great idea took us to design a new system for transmitting sound through free space at (650, 532) nm wavelengths using reflective mirrors under different atmospheric conditions. The study showed us the effect of various weather factors (temperature, wind speed and humidity) on these wavelengths for different distances. As well as studying the attenuation caused by long-distance laser and beam divergence, A reflective dish was used to focus the spot of the laser beam on the photocell. Results were discussed under the effect of these factors and the attenuation resulting from the beam divergence. Thus, the system performance can be improved for range and the quantity transfer data by increasing transmitted power and reducing the divergence of the laser beam.