Indium doped ZnO Urbach energy and dispersion parameters of thin films

  • Saad Farhan Oboudi
Keywords: Spray pyrolysis, transparent conductor, ZnO, Dispersion Parameters.


The characterization of ZnO and ZnO:In thin films were confirmed by spray pyrolysis technique. The films were deposited onto glass substrate at a temperature of 450°C. Optical absorption measurements were also studied by UV-VIS technique in the wavelength range 300-900 nm which was used to calculate the optical constants. The changes in dispersion and Urbach parameters were investigated as a function of In content. The optical energy gap was decreased and the wide band tails were increased in width from 616 to 844 eV as the In content increased from 0wt.% to 3wt.%. The single–oscillator parameters were determined also the change in dispersion was investigated before and after doping.