STVI calculating the changes in vegetable cover for a vegetated environment in west Iraq

  • Hanaa I. Ali
Keywords: Remote Sensing, Vegetation Indices, STVI Indices, Change Detection.


Remote sensing provide the best means to monitoring change in vegetation over a wide range of temporal scales over large areas. In this study, the vegetation index which has been applied known as the Stress Related Vegetation Index (STVI) on in the area around the Euphrates River and part of Al-Habbaniyah lake which located at western side of the river in Ramadi city, Al-Anbar province at Iraq to study the vegetation cover changes and detect the areas of changes, using two satellite sensors multispectral images such as TM and ALI, after geometric correction procedure to rectifying these images. The STVI-4 index result was the best than other vegetation indices (STVI-1 and STVI-3) to discriminate the vegetable cover distribution. The differencing image and statistical characteristics have been implemented to delineate and calculate the areas of changes in agriculture land.