Lineament automatic extraction analysis for Galal Badra river basin using Landsat 8 satellite image

  • Safaa Sabah Adhab
Keywords: PCI Geomatica, GIS, Lineament analysis .


This research including lineament automated extraction by using PCI Geomatica program, depending on satellite image and lineament analysis by using GIS program. Analysis included density analysis, length density analysis and intersection density analysis. When calculate the slope map for the study area, found the relationship between the slope and lineament density.
The lineament density increases in the regions that have high values for the slope, show that lineament play an important role in the classification process as it isolates the class for the other were observed in Iranian territory, clearly, also show that one of the lineament hit shoulders of Galal Badra dam and the surrounding areas dam. So should take into consideration the lineaments because its plays an important role in the study area.