Studying the contribution of components and type of spiral galaxy NGC 6946 using digital image processing

  • A. K. Ahmed
Keywords: Image classification, classification techniques, Spiral Galaxy, NGC 6946.


NGC 6946 have been observed with BVRI filters, on October 15-18,
2012, with the Newtonian focus of the 1.88m telescope, Kottamia
observatory, of the National Research Institute of Astronomy and
Geophysics, Egypt (NRIAG), then we combine the BVRI filters to
obtain an astronomical image to the spiral galaxy NGC 6946 which
is regarded main source of information to discover the components of
this galaxy, where galaxies are considered the essential element of
the universe. To know the components of NGC 6946, we studied it
with the Variable Precision Rough Sets technique to determine the
contribution of the Bulge, disk, and arms of NGC 6946 according to
different color in the image. From image we can determined the
contribution for each component and its percentage, then what is the
percentage mean. In this technique a good classified image result
and faster time required to done the classification process.