Effect of laser energy and pulses on size and concentration of gold nanoparticles in DDDW by LALP method

  • Mazin A. Al-Alousi
Keywords: Pulsed laser ablation, gold nanoparticles, synthesis of GNPs, surface plasmon resonance.


The size and the concentration of the gold nanoparticles (GNPs)
synthesized in double distilled deionized water (DDDW) have been
found to be affected by the laser energy and the number of pulses.
The absorption spectra of the nanoparticles DDDW, and the
surface plasmon resonance (SPR) peaks were measured, and found to
be located between (509 and 524)nm using the UV- Vis
spectrophotometer. SPR calculations, images of transmission
electron microscope, and dynamic light scattering (DLS) method
were used to determine the size of GNPs, which found to be ranged
between (3.5 and 27) nm. The concentrations of GNPs in colloidal
solutions found to be ranged between (37 and 142) ppm, and
measured by atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS).