Inelastic longitudinal electron scattering C42 form factors in42Ti nucleus

  • Firas Y. Khudayer
Keywords: Inelastic electron scattering form factors, 42Ti nucleus.


Inelastic longitudinal electron scattering form factors for second
excited state C42 in 42Ti nucleus have been calculated using shell
model theory. Fp shell model space with configuration (1f7/2 2p3/2
1f5/2 2p1/2) has been adopted in order to distribute the valence
particles (protons and neutrons) outside an inert core 40Ca. Modern
model space effective interactions like FPD6 and GXPF1 have been
used to generate model space vectors and harmonic oscillator wave
function as a single particle wave function. Discarder space (core
orbits + higher orbits) has been included in (core polarization effect)
as a first order correction in microscopic theory to measure the
interested multipole form factors via the model space.
Gogny and Michigan sum of three-range Yukawa
potential (M3Y-p2) have been utilized as a residual interaction to
couple the (particle-hole) pair across the model space active particles
and the excitation energy of the pair is (2ħω) and four options for the
used effective and residual interactions were determined for the
transitions from (+0) to (+01,2,3), (+21,2,3) and (+41,2,3).