Quantum mechanical study of electronic properties of zigzag nanotubes (9,0) (SWCNTs)

  • Huda N. AL-Ani
Keywords: Single wall carbon nano tube SWCNT, Gaussian 03 program for calculation.


Quantum calculations on the most stable structure were carried
out for calculating the electronic properties, energies and the charge
density at the Carbon and Hydrogen atoms by Semi-empirical
method (PM3) of zigzag carbon nano tube CNT (9,0) (SWCNTs), at
the equilibrium geometry depending on the pictures of Zigzag
CNT(9,0) which was found to has D3d symmetry point group by
applying for (Gaussian 2003) program. In this work the results
include calculation the relation for axial bonds length, which are the
vertical C-C bonds (annular bonds) in the rings and bonds length
which are in the outer ring that called the circumferential bonds. Also
include a different kind of vibration modes like breathing, puckering,
and deformation bending. They allow a comparative view of the
charge density at the carbon atom too. The aromaticity is graded
according to the space distribution of the atoms in zigzag nano tube
(9,0), the nature of their molecular orbitals depend on, their
symmetry, and chirality. Many studies were done measurements to
characterize nanotube mechanical properties for successful
applications in nanotechnology.