Adaptive digital technique for discriminating between shadow and water bodies in the high resolution satellite imagery

  • Anaam Kadhim Hadi
Keywords: Remote Sensing Images, Shadow and Water Detection, Classification of High Resolution Images and Recognizing Patterns.


This research presents a new algorithm for classification the
shadow and water bodies for high-resolution satellite images (4-
meter) of Baghdad city, have been modulated the equations of the
color space components C1-C2-C3. Have been using the color space
component C3 (blue) for discriminating the shadow, and has been
used C1 (red) to detect the water bodies (river). The new technique
was successfully tested on many images of the Google earth and
Ikonos. Experimental results show that this algorithm effective to
detect all the types of the shadows with color, and also detects the
water bodies in another color. The benefit of this new technique to
discriminate between the shadows and water in fast Matlab program.