Core-polarization effect in longitudinal electron scattering form factors of 65Cu nucleus

  • Adie D. Salman
Keywords: Electron scattering, she model, form factor, corepolarization.


Inelastic longitudinal electron scattering form factors to 2+ and 4+ states in 65Cu nucleus has been calculated in the (2p3/2 1f 5/2 2p1/2) shell model space with the F5PVH effective interaction. The harmonic oscillator potential has been applied to calculate the wave functions of radial single-particle matrix elements. Two shell model codes, CP and NUSHELL are used to obtain results. The form factor of inelastic electron scattering to 1/21−, 1/22−, 3/22−, 3/23−, 5/21−, 5/22− and 7/2- states and finding the transition probabilities B (C2) (in units of e2 fm4) for these transitions and B (C4) (in units of e2 fm8) for the transition 7/2-, and comparing them with experimental data. Both the form factors and reduced transition probabilities with core-polarization effects gave a reasonable description of the experimental data.