The pre-equilibrium and equilibrium double differential cross sections for the nucleons and light nuclei induce nuclear reactions on 27Al nuclei

  • Maha Taha Idrees
Keywords: Double differential cross sections, pre - equilibrium and equilibrium reactions, FKK model, Exciton model, Kalbach Systematic approach.


The pre - equilibrium and equilibrium double differential cross
sections are calculated at different energies using Kalbach Systematic
approach in terms of Exciton model with Feshbach, Kerman and
Koonin (FKK) statistical theory. The angular distribution of nucleons
and light nuclei on 27Al target nuclei, at emission energy in the center
of mass system, are considered, using the Multistep Compound
(MSC) and Multistep Direct (MSD) reactions. The two-component
exciton model with different corrections have been implemented in
calculating the particle-hole state density towards calculating the
transition rates of the possible reactions and follow up the calculation
the differential cross-sections, that include MSC and MSD models.
The finite well depth, isospin, shell effects, Pauli effect, charge
effect, pairing, surface, angular and linear momentum distributions
corrections are considered in this work. The nucleons (n and p) and
light nuclei (2D and 3T) have been employed as projectiles at the
target 27Al nuclei and at different incident energies (4MeV, 14 MeV
and 14.8MeV). The results have been compared with the available
experimental and theoretical published work. The comparisons show
an acceptable agreement with the TALAYS code (Tendel 2014) for
the reactions: 27Al (n, n) 27Al, 27Al (p, n) 63Zn, 27Al (p, D) 62Cu, 27Al
(p, p) 63Cu and 27Al (p, 4He)60Ni and at different emission energies
and angles.