The structure and optical properties of organic semiconductor bulk hetrojunction blend (NiPcTs/Alq3) thin films

  • Atyaf H. Kadhum
Keywords: Organic semiconductors, bulk heterojunction blend NiPcTS /Alq3 (B.HJ. blend), optical properties, XRD.


The effect of heat treatment on the optical properties of the bulk heterojunction blend nickel (II) phthalocyanine tetrasulfonic acid tetrasodium salt and Tris (8-hydroxyquinolinato) Aluminum (NiPcTs/Alq3) thin films which prepared by spin coating was described in this study. The films coated on a glass substrate with speed of 1500 rpm for 1.5 min and treated with different annealing temperature (373, 423 and 473) K. The samples characterized using UV-Vis, X ray diffraction and Fourier transform Infrared (FTIR) spectra, XRD patterns indicated the presence of amorphous and polycrystalline blend (NiPcTs/Alq3). The results of UV visible shows that the band gap increase with increasing the annealing temperature up to 373 K and decreases with increase the annealing temperature to (423, 473)K respectively.