The efficiency calibration for local manufacturing gamma scanning systems of radioactive waste drums

  • Saad Salih Dawood
Keywords: Gamma scanning system, radioactive waste (RW), nondestructive assay (NDA).


The Local manufacturing scanning gamma system designed in Tuwaitha site for nondestructive assay method of radioactive waste drums, where it consist of two main parts with their belongings for controlling the of detector and drum movements up-down and rotation respectively. The volume of the used drum is 220 L with 85 cm height. The drum filled with Portland cement. Six cylindrical holes were made within cement drum and distributed in radial arrangement.The152Eu source inserted in these holes individually, to measure the average angular count rate of gamma radiation. The full energy efficiency value for geometry of drum and detector is computed for thirteen photo peaks. The average efficiency represented by the curve of these peaks indicated the decreasing of efficiency value with increasing the cement thickness and the distance between the detector and the location of radioactive source inside the drum.