The Landsat Imagery Gap Filling using Median Filter Method

  • wisam abbas luffy university of baghdad


The Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) that loaded onboard the Landsat-7 satellite was launched on 15 April 1999. After 4 years, the image collected by this sensor was greatly impacted by the failure of the system’s Scan Line Corrector (SLC), a radiometry error.The median filter is one of the basic building blocks in many image processing situations. Digital images are often distorted by impulse noise due to errors generated by the noise sensor, errors that occur during the conversion of signals from analog-to-digital, as well as errors generated in communication channels. This error inevitably leads to a change in the intensity of some pixels, while some pixels remain unchanged. To remove impulse noise and improve the quality of the image we are working on. In this paper, the Landsat -7 data was corrected from line droop out radiometric errors using the median filter method. we studied the median filter and offer a method based on an improved median filtering algorithm, [2]. We apply the median filter (3 x 3) to correct the image taken by of Landsat 7 and correct it, and we will restore the damaged pixels using the Erdas imagine program.