Determination of uranium concentrations for soil of Tigris river and rainwater of Baghdad city

  • Mona Ahmed Said
Keywords: Radioactive concentrations, soil, Tigris river, rain, Baghdad.


In this study, phosphorescence analysis (KPA) is used for determining soil collected from the Tigris River from Al- Karrada and Bab Al-Sharq in Baghdad and samples were taken from rainwater collected from Al-Rashad, Al-Obeidi, Al-Dora and Al-Sadr City in Baghdad. The measurements were carried out by the Iraqi Ministry of Health and Environment, in the Radiation Protection Center. The collection, removal and evaporation of the samples ranged from January to the end of March 2018. The results show the presents of concentration of 238U and 235U in soil samples and the rainwater samples. The conclusion of this work is the concentration of uranium in soil samples is more than recommendations by ICRP value of 1.9 μg /l. While all water samples can be compared with the value of WHO, which has a safe limit of 15 μg/l which is considered acceptable.