The dispersion in spherical statistical optical potential (SOM) from the interaction of fast neutrons with197Au nucle

  • Fatimah Fadhil Abd Ali
Keywords: Spherical-statistical optical model, shape and compound elastic scattering, dispersion in real potential.


A statistical optical potential has been used to analyze and
evaluate the neutron interaction with heavy nuclei 197Au at the
neutron energy range (1-20 MeV). Empirical formulae of the optical
potentials parameters are predicted by using ABAREX Code with
minimize accuracy compared with experimental bench work data.
The total elastic, absorption, shape elastic and total compound crosssections are calculated for different target nuclei and different
incident neutron energies to predict the appropriate optical
parameters that suit the present interaction. Also the dispersion
relation linking between real and imaginary potential is analyzed
with more accuracy. The results indicate the behavior of the
dispersion contribution in imaginary potential has a parabolic change
about the Fermi surface energy while in the real potential it fall with
increasing the neutron energy. Good agreements have been achieved
with the available experimental data