Study of the mechanical properties of Iron-Epoxy composite materials

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Abdulhadi K. Judran


Iron-Epoxy composite samples were prepared by added
different weight percentages (0, 5, 10, 15, and 20 wt %) from Iron
particles in the range of (30-40μm) as a particle size. The contents
were mixed carefully, and placed a circular dies with a diameter of
2.5 cm. Different mechanical tests (Shore D Hardness, Tensile
strength, and Impact strength ) were carried out for all samples. The
samples were immersed in water for ten weeks, and after two weeks
the samples were take-out and drying to conducting all mechanical
tests were repeated for all samples. The hardness values increased
when the Iron particle concentration increased while the Impact
strength is not affected by the increasing of Iron particles
concentration. The tensile strength results reveal that the tensile
strength and the strain values of composite samples decreases when
the Iron particles concentration increase. After conducted
immersion processes the results of hardness are reduced wears the
results of tensile strength and the impact strength are increased.

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