Diagnostics of dusty plasma properties in planar magnetron sputtering device

  • Qusay A. Abbas
Keywords: Planar magnetron, Dusty Plasma, Al dusts grain, Electric Discharge, Longmuir probe.


The effect of Al dust particles on glow discharge regions, discharge
voltage, discharge current, plasma potential, floating potential,
electron density and electron temperature in planar magnetron
sputtering device has been studied experimentally. Four cylindrical
Langmuir probes were employed to measure plasma parameters at
different point on the radial axis of plasma column. The results
shows the present of Al dust causes to increase the discharge voltage
and reduce the discharge current. There are two electron groups in
the present and absent of Al dust particles. The radial profiles of
plasma parameters in the present of dust are non- uniform. The
floating potential of probe becomes more negatively while the
plasma potential becomes positive when the dust immersed into
plasma region. The electron density increases in the present of dust
particle which lead to decreases the electron temperature.