Gamma ray effect on the properties of R590 and C480 laser dyes

  • Wijdan T. Fazaa
Keywords: Laser dye, Absorption, Ionizing radiation.


In the current research, we investigated the absorption spectrum for R590 and C480 dyes in ethanol solvent for different dye solution concentrations of 10-4, 10-5 and 10-6M. These dyes have been prepared and studied before and after gamma irradiation (first, second ionization) using cesium-137 source with absorbed doses of 18.36 Gy (time exposure of 10 days) and 73.44 Gy (with time exposure of 40 days). We noticed that the absorption intensity was decreased with decreasing concentration, before gamma irradiation while the absorption spectrum peak shifted towards the short wavelength (blue shift). It was also found that the intensity of absorption spectrum increased and shifted the absorption spectrum peak towards the long wavelength (red shift) when irradiation exposure times and doses by gamma rays from (Cs137) source increased