Experimental investigation of dusty plasma characteristics in AC discharge system

  • Safaa Ali Hameed
Keywords: Dusty plasma, Optical emission spectroscopy, Zn dust, electron temperature, electron density, AC discharge.


In the present work, the effect of size of zinc dust particles on
AC argon discharge characteristics are investigated
experimentally. The plasma characteristics are determined by
using optical emission spectroscopy (OES) techniques. The
results illustrated that the electron temperature (Te) in the present
and absent of Zinc dust particle is reduced with increasing of
pressure. The electron temperature decreases with increasing of
Zinc dust size. Excitation temperature Tex is reduces with
increasing of Ar pressure in present and absent of zinc dust
particles. The present of Zinc dust reduce the Tex of Ar in both
Zinc dust size. The electron density increasing in the present and
absent of both zinc dust size. Furthermore, the introduced of zinc
dust in AC discharge increasing of ne.