Evaluation the water quality of the potable water network in Al-Shuala/ Baghdad City

  • Zainab Bahaa Mohammed
Keywords: Iraqi standards, Water Quality Index, Drinking Water, Al- Shuala/ Baghdad city.


In this research, the water quality of the potable water network in
Al-Shuala Baghdad city were evaluated and compare them with the
Iraqi standards (IQS) for drinking water and World Health
Organization standards (WHO), then water quality index (WQI) were
calculator: pH, heavy metals (lead, cadmium and iron), chlorides,
total hardness, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, total dissolved solid and
electrical conductivity. Water samples are collected weekly during
the period from February 2015 to April 2015 from ten sites. Results
show that the chlorides, total dissolved solid and electrical
conductivity less than acceptable limit of standards, but total
hardness and heavy metals in some samples higher than acceptable
limit of standards while the other parameter is good.WQI shows that
results is excellent and good for drinking for all location and months
except site (2) gave higher value (65.184) in March and site (9) gave
high value (57.78, 57.23) at March and April indicate that sites is
poor for drinking water.