A.C conductivity and dielectric properties of (PVA/ PEO) blends doped with MWCNTs

  • Ahmad A. Hasan
Keywords: Carbon nanotubes, Poly (vinyl alcohol), poly (ethylene oxide), (PVA/PEO) blends, Nanocomposites, Electrical properties.


A.C electrical conductivity and dielectric properties for poly
(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) /poly (ethylene oxide) (PEO) blends undoped
and doped with multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNTs) with
different concentrations (1, and 3 wt %) in the frequency range
(25x103 - 5x106 Hz) were investigated. Samples of (PVA/PEO)
blends undoped and doped with MWCNTs were prepared using
casting technique. The electrical conductivity measurements showed
that σA.C is frequency dependent and obey the relation σA.C =Aωs for
undoped and doped blends with 1% MWCNTs, while it is frequency
independent with increases of MWCNTs content to 3%. The
exponent s showed proceeding increase with the increase of PEO
ratio (≥50%) for undoped blends samples, while s value for doped
blends exhibits to change in different manner, i.e. s increases and
reach maximum value at 50/50 PVA/PEO, then decreases for
residual doped blends samples with 1% MWCNTs on the other hand
the exponent s decrease and reach minimum value at 50/50
PVA/PEO for samples doped with 3% MWCNTs, then return to
increase. The results explained in different terms.