Mechanical and physical properties of carbon nano tubes with kevlar fiber reinforced with polyester resin

  • Marwa Subhi Atallah
Keywords: Nano composites, Carbon nanotube, Kevlar fiber, Hardness (shore D), Water absorption, Flexural Strength, Impact Test, Toughness Fracture.


In this research study Hardness (shore D), Water absorption,
Flexural, Impact Test, and Fracture Toughness of polymer nano
composites. The polymer nano composites based on unsaturated
polyester resin reinforced with Kevlar fibers (K.F). The samples are
attended by hand lay – up method according to (Rule mixture) for
various volume fractions of unsaturated polyester resin, fiber and
carbon nanotube. The polyester resin was matrix strengthened with
3% volume fraction from Kevlar fiber and (0.5%, 1%, 1.5%, 2%)
volume fractions of carbon nanotube. The water absorption, hardness
(shore D), flexural test, impact test and toughness fracture properties
were studied. Results showed that the water absorption increase with
volume fraction increase of fiber with Carbon Nanotube, the sample
(polyester+3%K.F+0.5% CNTs) has lower water absorption than
other samples. The hardness (shore D), flexural test, impact test and
toughness fracture for the sample (polyester+3%C.F+0.5% CNTs)
has higher value for Nano- composites.