Effect of gamma irradiation and ZnO nano particles on the A.C electrical conductivity of polyaniline

  • Hanaa Sh. Mahmood Sh. Mahmood
Keywords: Conductive polymers, ZnO nano particle, gamma radiation, A.C conductivity.


Conducting polyaniline / ZnO nano composites are synthesized
using a simplified cheap method with one step in –situ chemical
polymerization, and AC conductivity (σac) of the prepared samples is
studied in the range of frequency from 50 Hz to 15MHz.). The
presence of polarons in the conjugated polymer chain are responsible
for the ac conductivity is reliance on the frequency in these
composites. The effect of increasing the ZnO nano particle
concentration irradiation and gamma radiation on the electric
conductivity was analyzed. The result showed that the
nanocomposite prepared has the highest conductivity, from pure
polyaniline and the exponential factor S was found increasing with
ZnO content it was 0.739 for PANI pure and for 0.02 ZnO it was