Effect of low level nozzle height on properties of copper oxide absorption layer prepared by fully computerized spray pyrolysis depositions

  • Mohammed S. Essa
Keywords: Fully computerized Spray pyrolysis, Preparation speed, X-ray diffraction, Optical properties.


The effect of approaching nozzle jet from the deposition surface
on structural, optical and morphology properties of copper oxide thin
films was studied. The film was prepared by homemade fully
computerized CNC spray pyrolysis deposition technique at
preparations speed (3, 4, 5, and 6 mm/sec). The repeated line mode
was used at deposition temperature equal 450 °C whereas the
spraying time was in the range of (15-30 min) according to the
deposition speed. The film exhibit polycrystalline structure with
preferred orientation along (-111), (022) and (011), (002) at a 2θ
value of (35.63o) and (38.8o) respectively. Optical band gaps were
recorded at these speed shows variance in value from (1.53-2.08 eV).
Films thickness were found to be in the range (128-412 nm) which
depends on preparation speed.