Proton momentum distributions and elastic electron scattering form factors for some Ge isotopes

  • Al- Rahmani A. A.


The proton momentum distributions (PMD) and the elastic
electron scattering form factors F(q) of the ground state for some
even mass nuclei in the 2p-1f shell for 70Ge, 72Ge, 74Ge and 76Ge are
calculated by using the Coherent Density Fluctuation Model (CDFM)
and expressed in terms of the fluctuation function (weight function)
|F(x)|2. The fluctuation function has been related to the charge
density distribution (CDD) of the nuclei and determined from the
theory and experiment. The property of the long-tail behavior at high
momentum region of the proton momentum distribution has been
obtained by both the theoretical and experimental fluctuation
functions. The calculated form factors F (q) of all nuclei under study
are in good agreement with those of experimental data throughout all
values of momentum transfer q.